Over the course of the Authority’s history it has spent more than $13 million on capital projects and pollutant reduction facilities.

Pending Projects are in the 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan, as adopted annually by the Technical Advisory Committee and Board of Directors. Pending Projects for which the Authority is currently requesting design and/or construction proposals may be seen here, and include:

Current Projects also include on-going maintenance of capital projects and pollutant reduction facilities constructed within Cherry Creek State Park: these projects are in the budget but are not shown on this webpage.

Completed Projects
The Authority’s past projects are archived by four sections: Pollutant Reduction Facilities, Stream Reclamation, Reservoir and Reservoir Shoreline, can be accessed on the Completed Projects page.

The Authority is required to spend 60% of its revenues on capital projects that improve, protect and enhance the watershed and Reservoir. Due to the nature of capital projects, the Authority is not able to meet this 60% requirement on an annual basis, but instead considers a multi-year time period. There is a report in the annual audit that tracks the Authority’s compliance with this requirement.

The Authority is not requesting proposals at this time.


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