The Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority (Authority) is fortunate to have consistent funding. This funding has allowed the Authority to study the Cherry Creek watershed and reservoir, and design and construct pollutant reduction facilities (PRF) in an effort to meet regulations set by the State Water Quality Control Commission (WQCC).

A vast majority of the Authority’s plans, studies, designs, project evaluations, etc., along with information about the Authority’s finances, are public documents and can be accessed from this section of the website.

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A few words about the various sections within the Resources Tab:

  • Watershed Plan: this is the best document for a comprehensive overview of the Authority.
  • Annual Reports: this section has annual reports required by the WQCC and Monitoring Reports for water-quality-nerds that provide detailed monitoring from the previous year. (And Water Quality Nerds are cool! It is good to have passion and enthusiasm for water quality!)
  • Maps
  • Links: Here you’ll find the link to the CCBWQA Data Viewer which contains all the Authority’s data. It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate. Other links are also available.
  • Archived Reports: this section includes studies done by/for the Authority and are presented in the following groupings:
    • Watershed
    • Reservoir
    • PRF
    • Other
  • Financials: this section includes budgets and audits, a finance-nerd dream (And Finance Nerds are cool! Passion and enthusiasm are good!)

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