• Use Authority’s stewardship effectively to implement sustainable reservoir and watershed water quality management strategies.
  • Implement an efficient and effective organization with the right expertise to achieve quality results.
  • Work with Member Entities and Stakeholders to enhance partnerships on water quality policies and projects.
  • Continue to develop leading edge, innovative water quality solutions, and adapt as needed.


  • Better understand reservoir and watershed dynamics and linkages.
  • Identify the right “mix” of sustainable strategies that will preserve and enhance water quality for beneficial uses and/or prevent negative water quality impacts.
  • Ensure that the Authority Board maintains an adaptable organizational structure and expertise so that it can efficiently identify, prioritize, and implement Authority initiatives, and respond to requests.
  • Enhance partnerships with Member Entities and Stakeholders to leverage Authority resources, resulting in improvement, protection, and/or preservation of water quality and beneficial uses, and prevention of negative water quality impacts.
  • Continue to be recognized as an innovative, leading edge watershed authority.


Water Quality in Cherry Creek and Cherry Creek Reservoir that optimizes beneficial uses.


The Authority improves, protects, and preserves water quality in Cherry Creek and Cherry Creek Reservoir for recreation, fisheries, water supplies, and other beneficial uses, and achieving and maintaining current water quality standards. The Authority also provides for effective efforts by counties, municipalities, special districts, and landowners within the basin in the protection of water quality; provides that new developments and construction activities pay their equitable share of costs for water quality preservation and facilities; and promotes public health, safety, and welfare.