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2022 Goals and Objectives


  • Use Authority’s stewardship effectively to implement sustainable reservoir and watershed water quality management strategies.
  • Implement an efficient and effective organization with the right expertise to achieve quality results.
  • Work with Member Entities and Stakeholders to enhance partnerships on water quality policies and projects.
  • Continue to develop leading edge, innovative water quality solutions, and adapt as needed.


  • Better understand reservoir and watershed dynamics and linkages.
  • Identify the right “mix” of sustainable strategies that will preserve and enhance water quality for beneficial uses and/or prevent negative water quality impacts.
  • Ensure that the Authority Board maintains an adaptable organizational structure and expertise so that it can efficiently identify, prioritize, and implement Authority initiatives, and respond to requests.
  • Enhance partnerships with Member Entities and Stakeholders to leverage Authority resources, resulting in improvement, protection, and/or preservation of water quality and beneficial uses, and prevention of negative water quality impacts.
  • Continue to be recognized as an innovative, leading edge watershed authority.