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Watershed Plan 

Current Watershed Plan

The Cherry Creek Reservoir Watershed Plan is a strategic plan for achieving Watershed and Reservoir health. The Cherry Creek Reservoir and surrounding State Park serve as an important urban recreational amenity, providing opportunities for wildlife habitat, sport fishing, boating, swimming, bicycling, bird watching, horseback riding, and hiking. Located in metropolitan Denver, this “oasis” is an urban jewel along the Front Range of Colorado for everyone to enjoy.

Watershed and Reservoir health and water quality are generally measured by a variety of chemical, physical, and biological constituents, including, transparency (Secchi depth), phytoplankton composition, chlorophyll levels, temperature, dissolved oxygen concentration, phosphorus concentrations, nitrogen concentrations, and inflow quantity. Water quality standards have been adopted to control algal production (eutrophication), of the Reservoir, through limits on phosphorus and chlorophyll concentrations.

Watershed Plan - 2012


Watershed Plan - 2003

Watershed Plan - 2000

Master Plan (Revised 1989) 

Watershed Plan - 1988

Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Management Master Plan - 1985

Master Plan - DRCOG - 1985


Sampling and Analysis Plans (SAP)/Quality Assurance Project Plans (QAPP)