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Regulatory Framework

CRS 25-8.5-101 

In 1988 Colorado’s Legislature created the Authority

Regulation #72. Cherry Creek Reservoir Control Regulation 

The Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Water Quality Control Commission, acting under authorization from the Colorado Water Quality Control Act, established Regulation 72 as the basis for protecting the Cherry Creek Reservoir’s quality.

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In 2022, Regulation 72 was updated to streamline and modernize stormwater management requirements. Some municipal stormwater separate sewer system (MS4) permit requirements are still required to comply with the 2012 version of the regulation until their MS4 permits are renewed or modified. For this reason, both the 2012 and 2022 versions of Regulation 72 are provided in the links below.

Regulation 72 (5-CCR-1002-72) - 2022

Regulation 72 (5 CCR 1002-72) - 2012

Regulation #38 

This controls classifications and numeric standards for the South Platte, Laramie, Republican and Smoky Hill River Basins.

Regulation 38

Federal Clean Water Act 

Section 208 Management Agency: identify and control non-point source water pollution.

Colorado Water Quality Control Act 

Text of the legislation that allows the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment Water Quality Control Commission to empower the Cherry Creek Basin Water Quality Authority to manage the Cherry Creek basin.

Colorado Water Quality Control Act - 2002