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Control Regulation 72 Guidance Document 

These Stormwater Quality Requirements provide the basis for minimum stormwater quality controls and Best Management Practices in the Cherry Creek Basin. These Requirements contain standards for the implementation of both temporary construction and permanent stormwater quality BMPs for Land Disturbances.

May contain: pasture, nature, outdoors, field, countryside, rural, farm, grass, plant, land, ground, and grassland

Cherry Creek Reservoir Watershed - Contorl Regulation 5 CCR 1002-72 Stormwater Permit Requirements Guidance Document - 2019

Emergency Response Plan Criteria 

Site Applications in the Cherry Creek Basin are required to include an Emergency Response Plan that satisfies the criteria presented in this document. The Authority developed these Emergency Response Plan Criteria as a proactive approach to raise awareness and strengthen wastewater facility design and planning to eliminate water quality impacts from sanitary sewer overflows.

Cherry Creek Reservoir Watershed - Site Application Review Process and Emergency Response Plan Criteria - 2020